Northboro Mushrooms

This Lobster was about 4.5" high.

Spore print white.  Very unusual shaped spores and huge!  Picture below is at 400x since at at 1000x it is impossible to focus the entire spore.  Another unusual thing is that the spore is two celled rather than one, as in a normal mushroom.  You can see the cell wall in the center of spore.  Spore length measured 38.4 microns while the width, at center, was 6.7 microns.

Death Cap?
aka Amanita phalloides?
Growing in grass not far from trees.  The cap had no volva patches, about 2" diameter.  Sticky when moist.  No distinctive odor.

On side. showing cup and ring.

Spore print white.  Spore size 10.6 x 8.6 microns.