Zoned Tooth?
Hydnellum scrobiculatum var. zonatum?
As described in Mushrooms of Northeastern North America on page 408.
Bill Yule thinks it is  Hydnellum concrescens aka Hydnellum zonatum as shown in George Barron's guide on page 126.  It does not give the spore print color nor information on spore size and shape.  Other guides do not list this specie.  The picture on page 126 shows a mushroom that is paler on the top and does not have the dark brown teeth that my specimen has.

Growing next to a boulder on a trail.  About 5" in the longest dimension. 

Underside.  Edge of cap bruises dark brown.

There are about 8 stems but some are fussed to each other.

Teeth are up to about 4mm long.

Got a light spore print.  It looks pinkish brown.

Spores are very small.  About 4.8 microns and spherical.  My microscope could not get a sharp image of the spores but they look like they are spiked or warted or irregular shaped.