Nyctalis asterophora
Asterophora lycoperdoides
Grafton MA

This is the one that had a 1" cap.

Since Noah S. suggested getting spores from the top of the cap, this should be the color of the spore print.  According to Mushrooms of Northeast North America (pg 71) the spores are very small elliptic to oval and smooth.  The spore print should be white.  This mushroom produces spores in 2 flavors, regular and heavy duty.  In this case it was heavy duty!

This is my first time seeing chlamydospores .  I measured one of the larger chlamydospores, in the longest dimension, and got 19.6 microns.  They look like a work of art.  A chlamydospore is the thick-walled large resting spore. It is the life-stage which survives in unfavorable conditions, such as dry or hot seasons.