Day 6 - more data for Inonotus obliquus fruiting body.
Grafton MA

I am not sure when I will find another dead birch with a fruiting body on it so I went back today and got more samples.  Here is the dead birch that yielded the fruiting body.

It shows extensive Nectria damage.  There are small Chaga still attached though they no longer are growing.  About a 14" diameter tree.  The primary fruiting body is above the first double Nectria/Chaga growths (looking from the bottom).

I used a saw and wood chisel to remove samples from the tree, today.  This piece measures about 7x7 inches.

Edge view of the above sample.

As you see, I managed to get about 1/4" of wood with the fruiting body attached on top.  I got 4 such samples today.

The samples that were out overnight on microscope slides yielded a light spore print.  Not enough to indicate the color.  I am leaving other samples out for another 24 hours.  The measurement of the largest spore that I saw gave me 7.68 x 4.8 microns.  This is close to the measurements given in Lincoff.

Another focus.

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