Whitinsville Mushrooms

Hugging an oak stump I found this double Fragrant Armillaria aka Armillaria caligata

Underside.  Stem turned cinnamon brown after a few hours.

Spore print white.  Spore size 7.7 x 5.8 microns

Tough little mushroom growing on top of the same stump.  Largest cap about 5/8".  It took some effort to rip one out.  No bleeding at the torn stem.

This is the slime mold that was first photographed on 9/18

This is the yellow variety of Amanita muscaria.  There are 5 others in this patch.  I plan to pick them in the next few days, detoxify them as recommended in the David Arora article and eat them.  I want to see if I agree with William Rubel that they are a choice edible.