Mushrooms of Whitinsville

Here are the A. muscaria that will participate in my first taste test.  There were 6 buttons 3 days ago but one did not develop.

I parboiled them in twice the amount of water recommended and added more salt than needed.  I was not interested in getting high.  I found that the button stage is the best tasting after parboiling, straining and rinsing.  I used extra water and salt because I wanted to cut it up into larger chunks than that recommended in the article:
Here is the buttons that were included in this first test.

I ate only the small button head shown hiding.  I would say it tasted Good but could have been Choice if it was not so salty :o)  I will wait till tomorrow before consuming more.

Here is my first King of the year.

Underside.  Note the white reticulation on the stem.

Cut stem did not have any staining.