Second and third Boletus edulis of the season.
Or maybe not.  John thinks it could be X. separans.  I cut them up and dried them so it is too late to do the ammonia test. 

Maybe not.  Yesterday I bought some ammonia and dipped  a couple of pieces on 10/23/05.  One was from the stalk the other from the cap.  No color change.  The guide does not say if the test has to be done on a fresh mushroom.  I would think that it should also work on dried specimens.  Another indicator for edulis.

If I find another in that spot I will test it with ammonia.  I lean toward them not being a separans since they did not have a wine colored stain on the stalk and the flesh in the stalk was solid.  In separans it tends to be pulpy except in the very young.  Also the separans found wet from rain started to liquefy within hours.  These did not liquefy.

Found in the same Spruce grove as the first.

Side view

No. 3

Side view

And to prove that I am not all stomach, here are a couple of pictures for the soul :o)

Amanita muscaria var. formosa

and baby