Douglas State Forest
Cortinarius semisanguineus

At first sight it looked like the Red Gilled Cort but then some of the characteristics did not fit.  The largest cap measured 3".  Mushrooms of Northeastern N A says they are supposed to be no larger than 2 3/8".  Also the guide states that the umbo is found only on older mushrooms and is "broad".  The spore print in these was chocolate brown rather than rusty brown.  Even in the youngest I did not see any distinct Cortina or parts thereof.  Here is one of the oldest, showing an umbo that I would not call "broad".


Gills with leftover yellow Cortina? (as described on Mushroom Expert)

Another cap with no sign of Cortina.

A young 1" cap with no distinctly visible Cortina.

A little larger, about 1.75".


Spore print chocolate brown.  Larger spore measured 7.7 x 5.8 microns.  Mushroom expert states that there is quite a variability in the size of the spores.

I used two more bits of information from Mushroom Expert descriptions to make this Cortinarius semisanguineus.  It smelled like radishes.  A drop of KOH turned the cap black.