January 21, 2006 - Grafton

First found a grove of Yellow Birch that were disgustingly healthy, even those about 2' in diameter.  No sign of Inonotus obliquus.

Then I lucked out.  Near a small stream I found countless Yellow Birch and majority showed Nectria galligena damage.  Here is a typical scar:

Notice that the Clinkers grew in the right side of this scar.  On the left and bottom the clinkers are missing.

Here is the same scar but I cut off some of the clinkers to show the orange brown flesh under the black outer part.

Not enough for tea but enough to try as a tinder.  Now I am pretty sure that all those other suspects on White Birch were also Chaga, though too small or out of reach to be useful.  Now to find one large enough to make Chaga Tea :o)

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