January 28, 2006

Back to Grafton and the Yellow Birch.
Went through the infected trees more systematically.  Most had Nectria galligena damage.  Again found only small Chaga like this one:

They yielded small chunks with some brown flesh.

Not large enough, or pure enough, to make tea.

Then I got back to the large yellow birch that has fallen and decided to check it more closely.

This tree is about 2.5' diameter at the broken section.  I decided to call it "Big Yella" :o)
There was deep scarring at the place it broke.  I removed some snow and saw the largest Chaga I have found up to now.

I make that about 4". 

But I was disappointed when I looked at the section of the cut:

Practically no brown flesh!  That is a piece of snow ice that got stuck to it when it fell into the snow.

2/1 - Four days later, after drying, it shows brown.  Very little black.

So there might be some tea after all.

The top also changed quite a bit after 4 days of drying.

The brown flesh shows through the cracked surface.

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