Orange Colored Mushrooms
Oxford 9/2/07

Cap about 1.5" diameter.  Spore print I would call light brown but since the spores are four sided I could call it "salmon pink"?  I want to call it Salmon Unicorn Entoloma but it does not have the nipple on top.

This is another like above.

A younger version of the one above.  Here there is a bit of a nipple on top.  I am trying to see this to be Entoloma salmoneum.

Noah Siegel thinks that my ID might be correct.

Waxy Cap.
  Noah Siegel thinks this might be Hygrocybe marginata.  On 6/25/10 I identified this mushroom as: Scarlet Waxy Cap
Hygrophorus coccineus

Older Wavy Cap.  Cap about 1.5"

Spores from first mushroom shown on this page.  About 13 microns measured to opposite corners.