Atlantic White Cedar Swamp
Douglas State Forest

In the instructions for getting to the swamp they say you will pass a "Nature Center".  When I first saw it, I thought it was a 8x10 tool shed, but the sign on it said "Nature Center" :o)

I entered the swamp through the exit.  It was easier to find based on my memory of the last time I was there.  They removed the sign that they have there during the summer.  I guess they do not want to shovel the boardwalk.  Here is a portion of the snowy/icy boardwalk.

Some of the cedars had their bark peeled off at the base of the trunk.  Some critter that eats the bark?

This U shaped bench, on the side of the boardwalk, makes me smile every time I see it.  I think - mosquito feeding station :o)

Here is one clump that looked like Reindeer Lichen.

Here is a shot of the lower dead branches of a large cedar (about 25' up) taken with a zoom lens.  This is one way to check the base of the branches for Ballou's mushroom.  This cedar was about 15" in diameter.