Veiled Oyster
Pleurotus dryinus
Found these mushrooms growing on the same stump where I found a Tree Volvaria last year.
They were growing out of a place where a dead limb joined a living branch of what I think is a Wild Cherry.
The one up front is 6" cap.  The one in the back is 2.25" cap.  Spore print is white.  The yellow on the second is caused by sun shining through it.

Top view of the small cap.

Bottom view of small cap.

The stem, in the older specimen, looks like it has hairs toward the bottom of the stem.

If you have an idea what it might be, drop me a line or two.

Darvin proposed Pleurotus dryinus and most of the description in Lincoff's guide fits.  I considered this ID on my own but, being new at this game, was thrown off by the picture in the guide that looked nothing like mine.  Also there is what looks like hairs on the stem in mine.  Could this be the leftover of the cottony veil? 

They had a pungent smell.  There was very little flesh in the cap, mostly gills.  After cooking, I found the flesh tough.  It lost most of the odor after cooking.