Chaga Articles

I have only found a few articles on the Internet.  There is still very little information available about Chaga.  The article by Kahlee Keane appears to have the most reliable information as to how to prepare Chaga infusion for treatment of what ails you. 
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) A Medicinal Fungus by Kahlee Keane (48kb PDF)

There are some parts that are not clear.  She says
"The infusion can be used for up to 4 days."
"...course of treatment, lasting 4 to 7 months, with short breaks if necessary."
These two statements appear to be contradictory.  Does the infusion lose its potency after four days?  Why a break after 4 days?  How long should this break be?

I would be interested in hearing from mushroom hunters who live in Russia and have information on how to use Chaga as a medicine.  Are there books or articles, in Russian, that I can purchase?  Use the e-mail link, on the bottom of this page, to contact me.  I prefer to communicate in English but would be willing to use Russian.

Summery of Chaga Recipes I found so far.
Hunting Chaga in Minnesota 1,646kb PDF
Medicinal Mushrooms - Readings and References 260kb PDF
History of Siberian Chaga 59kb PDF
Hiker's Notebook: Clinker Polypore - Chaga 75kb PDF
The Different Grades of Chaga 250kb PDF
Another Article that recommends an infusion recipe identical to the first 32kb PDF
Chaga as a medicine 29kb DOC
Scientific articles which were sent to me.