June 24, 2005

Explored new trails in Grafton.  Went to low ground where there were swampy areas.  Even the swamps are drying out.  As I drove up to the conservation land I noticed some Platterful next to the road that looked in good shape, though a bit dry.  I decided to harvest them just in case this is all I will get :o)

On the White Trail I first found a Chicken-fat Suillus.

Further down the trail I found many fallen oak that had no bark.  Right on top of one I noticed two small clumps of young Chicken of the Woods.

Then I found about 6 clumps of what I would call Chicken Buds on different logs and stumps.

I was told this is the kind to eat.  I will try it again and see if I will raise my personal rating from "Edible".