Is there such a thing as an aborted Lobster Mushroom?

Found this group of 4 Lactarius deceptivus, with one oddball in the group.

This brings to mind the Rooting Shank that attempted to raise the outer part of the cap and wound up reshaping the cap into a triangle.

In this case it looks like the outer part of the cap extended itself upward so that it looks to me like a Lobster Mushroom except that it is mostly white.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Here is a normal Lactarius deceptivus.

It has a peppery taste but the gills are not packed together.

Below is the tip of the stem of the "Lobster".

On August 16 in Grafton MA
This is some kind of jelly fungus.  It looks like an orange ball inside jelly.  The largest about 1" diameter (including the jelly).  I uprooted one but it looked pretty much the same from the bottom.  It did not look like something I would want to eat :o)

Ellen makes it Calostoma cinnabarina.  Thanks Ellen.

One enlarged.


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