Growth Study of Mushrooms

1.  I started this page because I found a small polypore last year that no one was able to identify.  So this year, 2006,  when I found one that looked similar, I decided to keep track of its growth until someone would recognize it.  After I showed the third picture, Ellen recognized it and two others confirmed it.

Mystery Polypore

2.  I was surprised to find a mushroom that ordinarily grows in the south.  But the 2006 season has been hot and wet and some mushrooms get confused :o)  I found a varnish polypore, on 7/18,  that Bill Neill identified as Ganoderma curtisii.
 When another started growing in the same spot, I decided to track its growth also.

Ganoderma curtisii
On this page I have small pictures showing growth progress of Ganoderma curtisii.  If you click on the small picture you are shown one with more detail.

3.  on 7/28/06 Jerry found a small Inonotus obliquus Chaga growing on a live Yellow Birch.  We decided not to harvest it but let it grow and we will keep track of its growth.  I have not found information on how fast Chaga grows.  I suspect that it grows very slowly.  As of 8/18/06 there is no measurable growth.  This study might have to last for years :o)
11/09/06  No noticeable growth.  I took a picture from a different angle.
Sometime in 2008 the Chaga was removed.  I suspect that Jerry took it.  Our friendship ended and I think he harvested the Chaga.
8/28/10  I checked the birch again to see if the Chaga grew back.  It has.  It is about as large as the original.


4.  On 8/23/06 I found 2 Parasitic Bolete growing on an Earthball, in Grafton.  Decided to keep track of it and see how large they will grow.  On this date the Earthball measured about 1.25" and the cap on the bolete was about .5".

Boletus parasiticus